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CS:GO is one of the most popular competitive online games, it has 520.285 current players as I write these lines. As in any other competition-driven game, cheaters arise, and specially in the CS community, they have become a serious problem.

CS:GO, at this moment, has two systems to punish the cheaters: VAC and Overwatch.
VAC, also known as Valve Anti-Cheat, automatic system, which can ban you, if you would join a VAC protected server with the detected cheat enabled. This system does not care how you act in-game. If the hack is detected – you will get banned.

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The main source of the automatic VAC bans is mainly free public cheats, however, bad cheats can get you VAC banned fast as well. Good cheats are not getting detected often, sometimes they don’t get detected at all. The HAG, for example, is working great for more than 3 years now and no problems. Vac is not detecting it and probably not going to. But it’s not normal for every paid cheat, so be careful.

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The second system is Overwatch, this one is the main danger for the cheaters at this moment. If you are playing at the Matchmaking and too many people have reported you, then your replay will be sent for an overview. Overwatch volunteers will be reviewing how you play.

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Few people will check your replay and will vote if you are a cheater or not. If the percentage of the votes will be high enough – you will get a ban.Further, in this article we will discuss in details, how to avoid such a sad ending as a CS:GO ban.

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How To Throw A Perfect Game And Still Lose

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